Thermostat with compressor activation and one temperature probe. Available with Communication RS485.


The DREF11 controller electronic instrument, designed and manufactured to measure, display, and is an control temperatures between – 50 + 150°C, and can control timed defrost cycles through compressor OFF. It is particularly suitable for applications in positive temperature refrigeration plants. The thermostat can control a compressor , with an absorption of up to 8 or 30 A, directly through a relay.

The compressor is activated when the temperature rises and reaches the set point + differential value and is stopped when the temperature drops back to the set point value .

The thermostat can also control timed defrost cycles through compressor stop. Both the interval time between defrost cycles and the duration of the latter can be set by the end-user.

The temperature is detected through a semiconductor TC probe that can be installed up to 10 m / 30 ft N from the thermostat without need for instrument re-calibration. The temperature detected by the probe(s) is visualized on a 3 digit red LED display.


SIMPLE PROGRAMMING: instrument programming is easy to carry out through the front panel keypad with no need for tools or complicated procedures.

LIMITED NUMBER OF PARAMETERS: all instrument operating modes can be programmed through a limited number of parameters.

DECIMAL POINT: it is possible to select the decimal point option in order to view and manage the decimal value. This is possible only with positive numbers.

SELECTING THE UNIT OF MEASURE: the user can choose between two units of measure to display the temperature, i.e., either in ° Celsius or in ° Fahrenheit.

TROUBLESHOOTING: the thermostat can detect and signal the following defects: a not connected, interrupted or short-circuited probe; when the detected temperature exceeds the temperature limit of the probe; a loss of data or a data memory failure; a temperature exceeding the high or low alarm limits.

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