Solution for single serve coffee machine, steam, hot water and stand-by management, with PID regulation of temperature.

DCMDs are some products built in order to manage a single serve machine and its dispenser. It’s able to make several

functions like steam erogation, hot water erogation and stand-by managment.


Temperature regulation through PID algorithm:

The regulation of the temperature, in particular during the hot function, may cause a high hysteresis effect. Moreover in the classic ON-OFF systems, the maintenance of the fixed temperature is not always guaranteed.

The temperature regulation through PID algorithm is instead characterized by 3 variables. This allows a more precise regulation and a quicker reaction of the machine to external solicitations.

Dispenser management with Flow sensor ingress:

This function allows to analyse entering impulses and therefore communicates with all Flow sensors on the market.

It is moreover possible to accurately set the volume of the desired quantity to dispense. In fact once the impulses are memorized by the Flow sensor system, the following doses maintain the same volume.

Time dispenser management:

This function allows to memorize and dispense a time-dose with a accuracy of tenth of a second. Programmation is managed through “self-learning”, therefore the setted dosage is maintained also for the following doses.

Hot water management:

The hot water function allows to have a dedicated set-point temperature and a dedicated output for hot

water erogation. By the way this dose is easily settable.

Steam management:

The steam function allows to have a dedicated output for steam.

The exit can work intermittently on the pump in order to reduce the water flow in the boiler. It is also possible to increase the temperature of the boiler in order to have a more dry steam.

Stand-by management:

Consumes of electronic appliances and coffee machine when in stand-by now find regulation in the Eup Directive.

The Stand-by function allows to set the desired time after that the consumes of the machine are reduced.

Other functions:

There are other functions like a signal led that indicates the states of the machine ( temperature not corect, no water in the tank, programming mode, ect.), an input for the absence of water in the tank, 3 auxiliar leds, 3 push-buttons inputs and a level control input.

Specifiche Tecniche

Download Datasheet DCMDG4