IOT solutions by DTI

DCloud is the web platform which allows remote management of devices connected to internet. It is easily customizable and based on a micro-service structure.

DConnect modules and DTI embedded products allow an easy and safe connection to the DCloud platform.

The integration of the system ensure the management, maintenance, and diagnostics of the machine park.

Dcloud strengths:

  • Reduced time to market 
  • MQTT architecture
  • Real-time machine status monitoring
  • Communications security
  • System access from PC and mobile
  • Remote machine software update
  • Alarm management
  • Customizab
  • le platform based on customer needs

DCloud platform features a modular architecture which is able to offer specific features: 

  • creation of types of users and division into groups for dedicated access to machines;
  • user-friendly dashboard for creation of new machines and access to machine detail in one click; 
  • media files management for single machine or groups and power controls software upload for update of associated devices;
  • view, management and schedule the maintenance activities of machines with detail of typeexpiration date and status