Management of a two groups coffee machine with instant thermoblock, water level regulator and resistance management in the boiler. Connection with DTI keypad.

The products of DCAD serie are suitable for the management of doses for machines with maximum 4 dispensers.

They are easily usable with DTI keypads or with generic push buttons.


Loading cycle of a boiler with time-out and one level probe:

The loading function regulates and controls the correct level of water in the boiler.

If the level probe in not covered by water, then the pump and solenoid valve output are simultaneously activated. When the probe is reached by water, the pump and solenoid valve outputs are deactivated and remain switched off until the status of the probe changes again.

The loading function remains activated for a maximum of 150 seconds (so called time-out). After this period of time the pump and solenoid valve output are deactivated in order to protect the machine from eventual breaks or malfunctioning.

Dispenser management with Flow sensor ingress:

This function allows to analyse entering impulses and therefore communicates with all Flow sensors on the market.

It is moreover possible to accurately set the volume of the desired quantity to dispense. In fact once the impulses are memorized by the Flow sensor system, the following doses maintain the same volume.

Security management of the resistance:

If there is no water in the boiler, the activation of the boiler’s resistance may cause damage. This function deactivates the resistance when the level probe is not covered by water.

The user can customize the time of the deactivation of the resistance.

Time dispenser management:

This function allows to memorize and dispense a time-dose with a accuracy of tenth of a second.

Programming is managed through “self-learning”, therefore the setted dosage is maintained also for the following  doses.

Hot water management:

The hot water function allows to have a dedicated set-point temperature and a dedicated output for hot water erogation.  By the way this dose is easily settable.

Keypad management:

It’s possible to conect maximum 4 keypads each of them can manage a specific output.

Stand-by management:

Consumes of electronic appliances and coffee machine when in stand-by now find regulation in the Eup Directive.

The Stand-by function allows to set the desired time after that the consumes of the machine are reduced.

Other functions:

easily settable,  malfuctioning alarm flow sensor and two segnal leds configurable.

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