LCD 7” with capacitive  touch screen

DTouch pcb boards are the new platforms offered by DTI. These products are designed to satisfied all the needs of the customers in terms of user interface and IOT. Our offer includes two main products: Dtouch 1 and Dtouch2.

Dtouch1 is a TFT touch screen designed for high performance and to be easily customized. It is available with various TFT’s sizes: 3.2″, 4.3″, 7″and 10.1″. The hardware structure is based on a Cortex-M4 or M7 processor core, which is able to handle both the graphics of the screen and the resisted or capacitive touch screen. USB and USD expansion card, free WI-FI and Bluetooth, communication Modbus RS485 and TTL, to which several customizable I/O can be added to the board, complete the product.
Dtouch2 is an embedded PC panel with integrated Android and Linux. Based on a IMX6 cortex A9, with a frequency of 1Ghz, it guarantees high performances in term of speed operations and movies projections. It is possible to connect a LCD with a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet ports are available. Moreover many serial communications are present to be configurable.

Services provided

DTI provides the following services for these products:

  • Graphic development. Three different graphics solutions are presented. This allows the customer to choose the best and more suitable offer for the application.
  • Firmware development. We start from a basic graphic on which we develop the code inside the hardware platform.
  • Software development. We offer both already-developed software that are easily configurable and also to-be-developed software designed on the customer specs.
  • Hardware development. If necessary, additional devices can be inserted to adapt the platform to the customer needs.
  • Test and debug. The product is tested both from the functional point of view than at an electrical level.
  • Creating mechanical supports.DTI offers several solutions for fixing the TFT and the control board. Our expertise is at the client’s disposal in order to develop customized solutions.

Specifiche Tecniche

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