Timer with one relay output, one high voltage  input for stand-by management.

The product is a microprocessor controller low energy consumption. As soon as a setted time is expired it deactivate all the devices connected with it, and shows its state through a LED.

Moreover it allows to manage the time dispenser.


Stand-by management:

Consumes of electronic appliances and coffee machine when in stand-by now find regulation in the Eup Directive.

The Stand-by function allows to set the desired time after that the consumes of the machine are reduced.

Thanks to the thermostat input, it is possible to activate the dispenser only if the machine has reached the right temperature.

Time dispenser management:

This function allows to memorize and dispense a time-dose with a accuracy of tenth of a second. Programming is managed through “self-learning”, therefore the setted dosage is maintained also for the following  doses.

Specifiche Tecniche

Download Datasheet DJEDG11001 Eng