Embedded systems with three rele ouputs, 16 output 24 Vac, one motor, 3 PWM outputs and 3 SSR. In input, 3 temeprature probes,  2 levels probes and 2 flow meters. Communication by RS 232 and RS485

The embedded systems are tested and certified hardware platforms, where the firmware can be easily customized. DTI offers a wide range of systems and solutions, which allow meeting most of the market’s requirements.

There are many advantages of embedded products: the time reduction of the design and delivery and, not least, the cost reduction project and product, especially on medium/small volumes.

DEMXK. This product is supplied at 24 Vdc and is able to manage a huge number of I/O to the supply voltage. The DEMXK is a suitable platform for high-end products because of its communication systems push and its multiple controls. Some applications: vending machines, automatic coffee machines, etc.

It’s a product with high performance. It can activate up to 16 components powered 24 Vdc, an engine powered at 12 o 24 Vdc and 3 high-voltage outputs. It is possible to connect other electronic interfaces thanks to the MODBUS communication. Moreover the large number of digital and analogue inputs allows the product to easily read sensors or external devices.

Some applications: super automatic coffee machines, machines for beverage distribution, etc.

Specifiche Tecniche

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