Embedded systems with five relays outputs, two analogue inputs, 2 SSR output and two flow input with LED outputs, and output 5V

The embedded systems are tested and certified hardware platforms, where the firmware can be easily customized. DTI offers a wide range of systems and solutions, which allow meeting most of the market’s requirements.

There are many advantages of embedded products: the time reduction of the design and delivery and, not least, the cost reduction project and product, especially on medium/small volumes.

DEMD5. This product has good performances even if it has minimum dimensions. It can handle up to 5 high voltage outputs, two temperature settings with SSR, multiple analogue and digital inputs. It also provides a communication port RS232 / 485.

Some applications: single serve coffee machines, level and temperature management in boilers, multiple groups dispensers with adjustable temperature, dishwashers, etc.

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