DTouch 2

Capacitive LCD Touchscreen 5” 7” 10,1” 15,6" 31,5" 

DTouch 2 is an embedded PC with integrated Android or Linux operating system. It is based on iMX6 Cortex A9 processor with frequency up to 1 GHz. It ensures high performances in term of speed operations and multimedia handling.

Different types of lcd can be connected with max resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD and it can manage both capacitive or resistive touch panels.

DTI developes and customizes user iterfaces for customer needs. We design graphics, structure, contents and the whole human-machine interaction.

The product can be expanded with uSD card, USB 2.0 Full Speed HOST and SDRAM 64Mbit. Comuncation ports available are RS232 e RS485/MODBUS, CAN bus, SPI/I2C, seriali TTL and several GPIOs.

Video interfaces available are: HDMI, LVDS and 18 bit TTL.

DTouch 2 connections are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile (uSIM card) and Ethernet port. Multimedia audio interfaces are stero both in input and output.

Services provided

DTI provides the following services for this product:

  • Graphic development. Three different graphics solutions are presented. This allows the customer to choose the best and more suitable offer for the application.
  • Software development. We start from a basic graphic to then insert the code inside the hardware platform.
  • Hardware development. If necessary, additional devices can be inserted to adapt the platform to the customer needs.
  • Test and debug. The product is tested both from the functional point of view than at an electrical level.
  • Creating carrier board. DTI offers several solutions for fixing the TFT and the control board. Our expertise is at the client’s disposal in order to develop customized solutions.

Download Specifications

Metal case dimensions

Specifiche Tecniche
CPU Type NXPi.MX6UltraLite NXPi.MX6Solo NXPi.MX6DualLite NXPi.MX6Quad
Core Class ARM Cortex – A7 ARM Cortex – A9 ARM Cortex – A9 ARM Cortex – A9
Frequency 528 MHz 1 GHz 1 GHz 1 GHz
Flash 256MB NAND 512MB NAND
RAM 128 MB 16 bit DDR3 256 MB 32 bit DDR3 512 MB 32 bit DDR3 1 GB 32 bit DDR3
SD-Card Slot 4 bit microSD
Operating Systems
OS Support Linux Yocto Android, Linux Yocto Android, Linux Yocto Android, Linux Yocto
Communication Interfaces
Digital I/O 10x 3,3 V logic level – 1x Analog Input –
USB 480 Mbit/s Host (Type A)
480 Mbit/s OTG (Type Micro-AB)
480 Mbit/s Host (picoblade)
Serial Comunications 1x CAN (ISO/DIS 11898) with integrated driver
1x RS-485 1 channel with integrated driver
2x RS-232 (RX/TX) with integrated driver
1x SPI – 1x I2C – 1xRS232 3,3 V TTL level
Network 1x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
WiFi USB WiFi dongle 2.4GHz b/g/n or 2.4GHz+5GHz a/c (miniPCI express half module)
BLE USB dongle Bluethoot connection 4.0 BLE (miniPCI express half module)
Mobile 2G or LTE or NB1
LCD Support
Display comunications 1×18 bit Parallel LCD LVDS single-dual Channel, HDMI and 1×18 bit Parallel LCD
Lcd sizes 4,3″- 5″ – 7″ – 10,1″ 4,3″- 5″ – 7″ – 10,1″ – 15,6″ – 21,5″ – 32″ / generic HDMI monitor
Touch 4-wire analog resistive; PCAP I²C – PCAP USB4-wire analog resistive; PCAP I²C – PCAP USB
Backlight integrated up to 10 W – PWM output for Luminous intensity adjustment
Audio and Video
Audio Output Stereo headphone output
Audio Input Stereo line in + mono microphone input
Video Camera input (CSI)
W x H x D 120 mm * 75 mm * 21.4 mm (Board) – 146mm * 82 mm * 24.6 mm (Box)
Weight 78 g (Board) – 228 g (Box) without mobile and LCD
Power Supply
Supply Nom. 9 to 26 V DC (with mobile max 18V)
Consumption Down to 2.5W without mobile and LCD
Typical Environmental Conditions
Storage Temp. – 20 … + 80 °C, with relative ambient humidity: 30 … 85 % (no condensing)
Operating Temp. 0… +60°C with relative ambient humidity: 30 … 85 % (no condensing) / extended range on request