DConnect BLE

Bluetooth module IOT

The Bluetooth module BLE 4.2 is powered by a Cypress CYMBLE chip and can communicate with tablet, smartphones and computers (equipped with Bluetooth interface).

DConnect BLE is highly customizable thanks a DTI proprietary protocol. DConnect BLE can be easily switched from master to slave configuration and change transmission speed.

On-board led is lit when DConnect BLE is matched with another device.

DTI can provide the APP development service, in order to manage both the equipment and DConnect BLE module.


Technical Features

Technical Features Details
Serial comunication RS485 (Modbus) / TTL 3,3V / TTL 5 V / RS232
Bluetooth Protocols 4.2
Operating voltage/Power supply 5 V
Operating current 50 mA
Operating temp. –40 °C ~ +85 °C
Dimensions WxHxD 66,5 mm * 41,2 mm * 1,48 mm (PCB Board)

Connection Steps