Electronic control for professional coffee machines with two or three groups and single boiler.

The new DCoffee-S is an electronic control for professional coffee machine with 2 or 3 groups and single boiler that enables:

– control of the water level with loading function by level probe

– dynamic adjustment of the temperature with 3-variable PID algorithm 

– remote programming and verification of the machine via wireless, mobile or bluetooth modules 

DCoffee-S also allows setting and storing of numerous parameters, including coffee, water and steam brewing parameters as well as customizing the user interface based on specific needs. The plug&play kit consists of cable kit, display and power.

Technical features:

  • 85-265 Vdc (10W) power supply
  • 1 relay output 16 A
  • 7 relay output 5 A
  • 6 Triac power board expansion connection
  • 3 SSR outputs
  • 3 6 key+6 led mechanical keyboard connection
  • 2 inputs for level measurement
  • 3 inputs for volumetric sensor control
  • 4 analogic inputs for NTC temperature sensor
  • Pressure transducer input
  • 2 RS485 ports
  • RTC with Vbat
  • Customizable interface