No limits to your machine features. Welcome to industry 4.0.
  • Water level and flow control
  • Dosage and volumetric setting
  • Touchscreen sizes 2,8’’ to 10,1’’
  • Color display, seven-segment and oled
  • Capacitive and mechanical keyboards
  • Black box
  • Iot modules and website platforms
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Cables
  • Temperature sensors

DTI electronics is designed to meet the requirements of the coffee machines industry.

Touchscreens, capacitive keyboards, state-of-the-art control electronics and wireless connectivity modules: there are many possible ways to
control the functions of your machine. From traditional single boiler espresso machines, over double boiler and pod coffee machines, to super
automatic espresso machines.

We provide advanced connectivity solutions for machine remote control through Wi-Fi, Narrowband and Bluetooth


Intuitive, fast, complete: DTI touch interface allows you to express the potential of your oven.
  • DHEAT control board
  • Touchscreen sizes 5” and 7”
  • Color display, seven-segment and oled
  • Capacitive and mechanical keyboards
  • Iot modules and website platforms
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Cables
  • Temperature sensors

Keeping up-to- date with the newest technologies allows us to provide advanced solutions for the industrial oven market.

Our power control board can control different functions through an optimised user interface: temperature (PID or hysteresis controller), steam and
fan control, hood and chimney control, cleaning and maintainance.


A wide range of solutions, a new way to control your machines.
  • Capacitive and mechanical keyboards
  • Touchscreen sizes 3,5’’ to 15’’
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Level controller
  • Water hardness measurement
  • Control boards for powder-based drinks
  • Control boards for volumetric setting
  • Sensors
  • Iot modules and website platforms
  • Bespoke solutions

We redefined the concept of HMI (Human-Machine interface) for beverage systems by trying to understand the needs of the people working in
this field. The result? Advanced electronics for water, beverage and powder-based drinks dispensing systems.

Optimised interfaces and control boards for an easy installation and a wide range of features.

We put great effort to develop advanced solutions for reverse osmosis, filter change and flow control in water dispensers and softeners

Our electronics is designed to last longer. We can provide also leak detectors, cables and other parts. In DTI we use the over-moulding process
to prevent moisture and water from getting into our boards.


Our solutions for the food service industry
  • Level controllers
  • Temperature control
  • Capacitive and mechanical keyboards
  • Touchscreen sizes 3,5” to 7”
  • Control board for food service machines
  • Iot modules and website platforms
  • Temperature sensors
  • Cables

Our knowledge of the food service industry allowed us to develop reliable, intuitive solutions that are also very easy to use.

These are the main qualities of our interfaces, which ca be easily embedded into the most common products of the food service industry ( fryers,
pasta cookers and so on).

The control board allows the user to control all the features of the machine, like temperature setting, water level, automatic basket lift and timer.

Through DTI website platform the user can easily check useful data, like consumption and maintenance, and he can also set some parameters of
the machine.


Development and optimisation of motor controllers, electromagnetic interference control and remote control
  • Capacitive keyboards
  • Touchscreen
  • Control boards
  • Inverters
  • Iot modules and website platforms
  • Cables

We can develop advanced brushless motor controllers, stepper motor controllers, dc motor controllers and also inverters for three-phase motors.

With our BLE and Wi-Fi modules the user can remotely control the settings of the machine. All modules can be easily embedded in our end
customer’s machines.


Engineering and development of solutions for automotive industry.
  • Projects
  • Cables
  • Hot melt
  • Assembly

Thanks to an advanced supply chain management system and strict quality control procedures we can offer affordable products at competitive

Our services include (but are not limited to): design, overmolding process with hot-melt technology, cable assembly , rigid and flex PCBs,
assembly of electronic components, tests and validations, repairs and logistics.

We are focused on time-to-market optimisation. For this reason, we want our customers to become our design partners and we develop highlyspecialised production lines.