DTI believes in research and new products, innovating and investing for creating a future. Under one of the latest projects, DTI thanks the region, the state and the European community for having believed in project presented.



The current industrial research and experimental development project focuses on the study, definition and implementation of new solutions that optimize the energy potentials required for the operation of technological installations and household appliances in domestic, professional, commercial and industrial environments. In order to reduce the peaks of use and allow them to be synchronized with their discretionary activation based on the functionality and type of power required (instantaneous or cyclic), with the ability to intervene remotely and interfacing with smart- grid.



The expected objectives are as follows:

1) study and definition of conceptual technical specifications of a technological platform capable of interfacing with and communicating with the different types of household appliances and technological installations normally present in domestic, professional and industrial environments;

2) realization of the technological platform and verification of the operation of the individual components;

3) Interfacing the local operating system of remote-controlled home appliances and smart-grid external systems.



The expected results are as follows:

1) acquisition of all the technical specifications necessary for the development of the technological platform for the local and remote management of household appliances;

2) optimum integration and operation of the technologies and validation of the system at local level;

3) finalization, experimentation and final validation of the network system;

4) the ability to provide innovative tailor-made and turn-key services with high added value;

5) increase production capacity by producing products with standardized production processes;

6) Increase of company know-how.


Project funded with a contribution of € 120,696.98