Tricesimo Italy


DTI is a company presents in the market as a supplier of electronics and wirings , the range of products, that it offers, has expanded over the years by serving multiple sectors , up to the current specialization in the two principles of the appliance and automotive sectors . Starting developing electronics, DTI has structured during the last years to become a partner for its customers supporting them in the electronics and electrical engineering. In fact, DTI today has two divisions, the electronics and the wiring one , these can become synergistic and strategic for the customer. The company attracts collaboration and partnership at an international level, with a presence outside of the European market , motivated by choices of strategy and technological innovation , bulding an advanced production organization and long term qualitative relationship. The international strategy is reflected in the corporate structure with two main facilities, in addition to the sales offices . DTI has developed two locations the Italian and Hungarian ones , both of which have over the years achieved excellent technological standards of quality and masteries . The company structure allows to be in the market with a flexible , high quality, reliable and tailored services .

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


Is to guarantee full service and support to the customers, by providing a product that incorporates all electrical and electronic parts of an appliance or a car, in a reliable and affordable way.


Managing safely and automatically the flow of water in the devices of each restaurant and bar. Predicting the risk of equipment failure, with a in real time intervention. Generate the service before any service is required in a professional and automatically way.

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