DTI offers a wide range of advanced production technologies and solutions for the automotive industry.

The footprint of the company flexible and attentive to quality allows us to provide a reliable and cost-effectively.

Our vertically integrated service offerings include design, “hot melt” overprinted, assembly wiring, circuit and rigid flex printed circuit boards, electronic assembly, testing and validation, repair and logistics.

Assisting the client in the design phase we can follow and adapt our supply chain to the needs of the dedicated line.

The difference that enables DTI to grow and be more of a partner is the time to market and the willingness to share know-how with the client to ensure a innovative service.


The attention on the choice of components to be used in this category is an even more fundamental point.

The knowledge of the critical points and the size of the solutions brought DTI to be a point of reference in this category that includes products such as water dispensers, coffee grinders, beverage dispensers, dispensers for soluble products and many others.

Water treatment

The water treatment is an subject that DTI has been studying for several years.

The knowledge of the industry has enabled us to develop successful products for reverse osmosis systems, filter change management, water flow dispensing machines and water softeners managment.

The electronics are reliable and can be supplied complete with accessories such as probes Flooding and wiring connection.

In addition for places where there is water or moisture DTI has provided the overprinted of the boards to make them waterproof.

Coffee machines single serve

DTI has designed and developed many ideas and products for coffee machines in capsules.

A special mention goes to:

– PID temperature controls for boilers with high exposure to thermal inertia. The technical department of DTI has developed a firmware to optimize the activation of resistance with PID algorithm . A PC software is also available and allows to customize the parameters according to the dimensional requirements of the machine;

– decounter RFID system, decounter radio frequency allows to link the coffee machine with the coffee’s brand. The system is easy to install and is very intuitive for the end user ;

– capacitive Keyboards allows to have an attractive design and low prices.

– stand- by System allows to reduce energy consumption by turning off the resistance of the machine after a certain time of inactivity. Moreover, the experience in the field enables DTI to develop reliable plans and assist the customer in the certifications of the machine.

HORECA coffee machines

DTI has gained excellent experience in the world of coffee machines for professional users.

The internal functionality of the machines such as boiler loading, dispensing management through flow meter sensors, displays and keyboards management, temperature control, handling parts and so on, have been optimized to provide the customer an excellent project and product.

The customers can find a partner by choosing DTI because they can customize their own products, with high quality and low cost.

The products that are part of this category are:

water level and flow controllers

doses and dispensers controllers

Keypad and display


DTI has been working successfully in the world of refrigeration, commercial and industrial.

Offering products and solutions characterized by the high level of innovation and efficiency. Current trends refrigeration confirmed more and more the need to provide system solutions that enable reliable installer and user a real cost savings in compliance with environmental regulations.

The DTI products are characterized by:

– Reliability

– Simplicity

– Cost savings

– Compliance with environmental regulations