The hardware design consists on the activities of drawing, engineering and mastering the physical product. All projects are developed in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures and carried out with particular attention to electromagnetic compatibility, as well as meeting RoHS compliant processes.

Also we have a department that deals with our internal development on various firmware platforms 8, 16 and 32bit microcontrollers and DSP. The software design is done in an dedicated development environment, using C/C++ for embedded systems, but also assembler language. Product development includes the design of software systems on a PC that allow, where necessary, the development of operational and interfacing embedded devices.




The activity of the wiring occupies a leading role within the DTI . In fact, the company has invested heavily in recent years to optimize and professionalize this activity. The production process consists of several stages both automatic and manual . The automatic workings usually take place in the first step where the wire is cut , sheath and Insulation stripped. The production structure is as follows:

•  Cablaggio strutturato per connessione dei componenti interno macchina. Con cavo monopolare siliconico con calza vetro, cavo monopolare e/o multipolare siliconico e cavo AWG certificato UL;

•  A three-headed machine for cutting, stripping and crimping of the single-core cable;

•  An in-line machine for cutting and stripping of the cable;

•  An in-line machine for the cutting of the sheath;

• An in-line machine for cutting and stripping of the multi-pole cable;

• 10 stations of semi-automatic crimping tools.

In addition, the controls and automatic testing are performed on 100% of production, R & D department of the DTI supports for the development of testing equipment . In the production stage are also made several tests to certify the validity of the operations performed . These tests relate to the length of the cable, the holding force of crimping , electrical test and dynamometer test.

Electronic Assembly



The SMT process is an activity well-founded within the DTI. The equipments present in our facilities allow us to satisfy the customer both in small and in medium-large series. The assembly process of SMT is managed by fully automatic machines and handling of boards, inside the assembly lines.

The PTH assembly process involves an entire department. This is composed of specialized workers who, for several years, help us to reach a quality standard always better. We have assembly lines with lead and lead free, with periodic monitoring of cockpit for welding.

Logistic and purchases



The management of purchasing and logistics is crucial within the DTI. Ensuring product with a suitable raw material costs and a warehouse balanced to ensure customer service is one of the most important challenges on which the purchasing department works daily.

The international network on purchases and sales has enabled DTI to grow and optimize the logistics.

The quality of service is ensured by frequent checks on all stages of the process and allows us to work with high quality material and provide the customer with a reliable product.

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